I was about 14 years old when I started to get interested in the fine art of photography. I'm a lot older now so the technology was nowhere near as cool. There was no instant result and you took pictures in the hope that the results would come back looking something like you intended. It used to take a week to get the photos developed and that seemed to be forever. I think that taught me to pay attention to what I was trying to do and that has stood me in good stead for the present with all the wonderful gadgetry that exists to help you take the best pictures you can.


I have photos that I have taken all over my house, it's my gallery and, on the odd occasion, I get a compliment from a visitor and that makes me happy. So I decided long ago that one day I would get my photographs out in the public space so that other people can check them out and, if they like them, make them available for sale.


So here they are for you to judge for yourselves. I will continue to update the galleries and include some old pictures too.